2 gig Products

  • image-sensor

    Image Sensor

    Suggested use: similar to a PIR motion sensor but with the ability to take pictures. Typically these are located in the upper corner of a room or hallway to get as much of the room in its “view“as possible.

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  • door-bell

    Door Bell

    Suggested use: outside of a main entry way door that will be used by guests.

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  • camera


    Suggested use: inside the home to visually monitor what is going on .Typically place so that the camera picks up the item or room looking to be captured on video.

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  • go-control-panel

    Go! Control Panel!

    Suggested use: this is the “brain of the system every sensor and secondary panel speak to this device. Typically it is mounted in a central area as to give all of the sensors the best possible signal.

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  • wireless-keypad

    Wireless Key Pad

    Suggested use: this is a less expensive version of the TS1 , without the touch screen. Typically used as an alternate control to the GO! Control panel.

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  • thin-door-window-sensor

    Thin door window sensor

    Suggested use: this is the primary sensor for the alarm system. These sensors can be installed in many different ways depending on the situation. Typically used on door, windows, cabinets, drawers..ect .

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  • super-switch

    Super Switch

    Suggested use: mounted in or near an existing hard wired alarm panel to utilize the existing hard wired alarm loops with the 2GIG Go! Control panel.

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  • recessed-door-contact

    Recessed Door Contact

    Suggested use: These sensors are designed to be recessed into a wood door wood window to hide the sensor.

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  • panic-button

    Panic Button

    Suggested use: these can be used as a pendant necklace wall mount belt clip or car visor clip. Keep this anywhere it can be used in an emergency situation and the control panel is not accessible.

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  • motion-sensor

    PetSafe PIR Sensor

    Suggested use: Typically these are located in the upper corner of a room or hallway to get as much of the room in its “view“as possible.

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  • keyfob

    Key Fob

    Suggested use: Arms system in STAY or AWAY mode.

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  • smoke-detector


    Suggested use: A smoke detector & more use in conjunction with your wired smoke detectors to monitor for Smoke , Heat or Freezing situations.

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  • glass-break-sensor

    Glass Break Sensor

    Suggested use: Typically these are mounted near windows that don’t open or sliding glass doors.

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  • thermostat


    Suggested use: Replace you existing thermostat with this thermostat and control your HVAC saytem from anywhere.

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  • carbon-monoxide-detector

    Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Suggested use: similar to a Smoke detector but this will monitor and alert of high CO readings.

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  • garage-door-module

    Garage Door Module

    Suggested use: use in conjunction with existing garage door systems.

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  • ts1-touch-screen-panel

    TS1 Touch Screen Panel

    Suggested use: mount in a bedroom near a back door …ect to add additional control areas to the existing Go! Control Panel.

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