Alarm system in Meriden CT – Made more Convenient!

In Meriden, CT a family came to us saying they had 3 existing 2-Gig Alarms Panels that were very inconveniently placed.  They weren’t able to get to them from their sleeping area or main living area without a long walk.  One secondary panel was also providing inconsistent signal.

Wave relocated the Go-control panel to a more central location where it made the most sense for the family, and installed 2 additional panels to fill in any gaps.  There were some wiring challenges, but we were able to get into the crawlspace to fish wires neatly in the wall, unexposed.

This family had a toddler present during the install, and the young boy was determined to help us with the job.  While this is not typical, we were able to keep the area safe for the toddler – keeping the area neat and free of debris and dangerous wires while we worked.   Now the family is able to control their alarm system from 5 separate panels conveniently and strategically located throughout their house. Alerts will be more audible throughout the house as well.

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