Home Control in Connecticut

Home Automation in Connecticut is Easier Than Ever

home-control-in-ctThink back to the last time you got up to change the channel on your television. It is likely a distant memory, if it is at all. The TV remote is a convenience many can’t imagine living without. Isn’t it time you were able to control other features in your home with such ease? Well today it is easier than ever to control essentially everything in your home from the comfort of your couch, from your office, from vacation, or wherever you might be. That’s what home automation is all about…

  • Convenience
    Home automation systems in CT save effort and add time to your day. More time allows you to be with your family more, do more of the things you love, make more money… you get the picture! Set functions of your home ahead of time, such as turning lights on and off, setting thermostats, closing shades, and watering the garden. Or manage these functions from work, or vacation. Life gives you plenty to deal with. Why not take a few things off your plate?
  • Security
    Home automation provides peace of mind, by alerting you if an area is breached or anything is amiss. You can use these features to varying degrees and with customizable options. Want to see who comes in and out of your driveway? Want to monitor a baby sitter or nanny? Want to keep an eye on the back shed? With the option of having cameras, you can view your home from anywhere you have a computer or smart phone and an internet connection. Today’s technologies make this an effective tool in deterrence and catching perpetrators.
  • Efficiency
    Who doesn’t enjoy more money in your pocket at the end of the day? That’s one of the long term benefits of home automation. You’ll save energy while your home does most of the work. By automating things like your lights, HVAC, entertainment systems, and appliances – devices and utilities are only on when they need to be on.
Now simple conveniences, like having a TV remote, can extend to include things like appliances, heating and air conditioning, security, communication, lighting, entertainment systems, speakers, draperies, blinds and more. This can all be done from anywhere with a few swipes and commands. And here you have a Smart Home.

A home control system becomes your home’s nerve center. A Smart Home can be smart, it can be very smart… it can even be brilliant! What are you looking for? What fits your budget? A smart home is customizable to fit your specific needs. There are options to fit everyone’s taste and pocketbook. The benefits are endless.

Your entire home can be automated with some set up time and simple programming. We will help you program an intelligent controller, which will become the command station of your home. Climate, lighting, irrigation, entertainment systems, can be programmed to operate on their own… or you can also manually control the system from one of the user-friendly keypads, and touch screens… and just as easily from a mobile device or computer.

Some of our favorite home control functionalities:

  • Push one button to enable “movie-mode” which sets lighting and sound devices for family movie night.
  • Never again drive up or walk into an unlit home, with timed or remote lighting commands.
  • Use motion sensors to add a layer of security to your perimeter.
  • Water the garden, set the coffee maker…

Life is hard work. You work so hard for your home. Give yourself a break and let your home do some of that work for you. It will pay for itself.

Ask us which home control system might work best for you. We can automate your house with our award winning 2 gig alarm system which can control your lights locks thermostat and some cameras. However if you are looking for more advanced controls we can install a state of the art Elan G’ control system, which has the ability to do everything the 2 gig system can do, as well as audio and video distribution to multiple “zones” through out your home, sprinkler systems, pool , spa, you name it we can control it.