Surveillance System Upgrade – Torrington, CT

Recently a customer in Torrington, wanted to replace a dated surveillance system with a larger higher quality system with the ability to view cameras remotely, live, from phones or computer devices.  They were concerned about the cost, but dependable equipment was also important to them.

Wave had installed their previous phone system, and they called us back to design and upgrade their existing surveillance system for their retail facility.  We chose to use IC Realtime products because they needed a high quality system for safety, to protect against theft, and for insurance purposes.  This product is known for their quality throughout the industry and for the clarity of their cameras.  We strategically placed cameras for maximum coverage of the indoor retail space, parking lot and an adjacent public parking lot, and a covert camera to cover their register.  

The customer was impressed with the quality of the video and their ability to see it from their phone.  Wave will potentially be installing another system in one of their nearby locations and we will integrate the two systems together.

Have you thought about adding a surveillance system or upgrading one?  What is important to you in a surveillance system?  Connecticut residents and businesses – read about our services here!