Whole House Indoor / Outdoor Audio System – Wolcott, CT

Last week we completed the installation of a multi-zone sound system for a couple in Wolcott, CT.   The husband spent much of his free time working in the yard and in his basement workshop, while the wife spent most of her time indoors cleaning and working in her studio. Both of them really loved music and wanted to find a way they could get great sound, both indoors and outdoors… with the ability to play either the same or different music throughout the house.

The first part of the installation was for the indoor yoga studio. Our customer was looking for something that would be nearly invisible, take up little to no space, and “fill her room with sound”. Wave installed two in-ceiling speakers which are hardly visible, and integrated a floor-standing sub-woofer into the current design of her studio. She commented, “wow! I didn’t realize yoga music had so much awesome bass!!” The sound effortlessly fills the room and most of the back half of the home, with crystal clear sound.

The second part of our install was for the backyard patio space. Mr. was looking to evenly cover their patio and surrounding yard with high quality sound. We used various outdoor rock speakers and inconspicuous subwoofers throughout the yard to blend with the existing landscape. This placement of the speakers allows the couple to keep the volume at lower levels rather than blasting sound from a boombox or single speaker. This allows them to enjoy music as they move about the yard, and also keeps the neighbors happy.

After some minor remodeling the couple plans to complete the basement portion of the system and a few additional zones.

We received an email from the wife today that said the following:

“since you set up this system for us… we get up earlier, we get more work done, and I do more yoga! We enjoy everything we do at home more than ever before. With the Pandora app you downloaded for us, it’s so easy to get the music started before we even get out of bed. We are also really loving the outdoor sound… and we are never stuck listening to the same thing, although we enjoy much of the same music.

… Now that we have it, we can’t imagine life without it!”

Life enhanced with music! Multi-zone audio may prove to be the secret to a long, peaceful marriage.