Commercial Paging System Install– Norwalk, CT

A Norwalk customer had two large, adjacent, multi-floor commercial buildings, and they were looking to install a multi-zone paging system for emergency mass-notification messages. They wanted an easy, expandable, and reliable system they could use to alert employees.

Wave designed a system based on a thorough site survey, and installed the Valcom Paging Controller in the main building’s computer room. We integrated 350 Valcom speakers throughout the buildings and tied each zone together utilizing existing telecommunications closets. We worked with the phone system vendor to program the phones, allowing the customer to use any phone in the building to page in an emergency situation.

The customer was very happy about the clean workspace the crew kept, as the work was performed during office hours. They are continuing to add speakers to new areas as the company expands. Currently they will just be using it for emergency alerts because they don’t want announcements to be ignored. However, this system can be used for any type of paging.

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