Family Room Turned Home Theater – Cheshire, CT

A Cheshire family was moving into new home and they were remodeling a few rooms. They dreamed of turning one room into a movie and entertainment room. The three kids had a few more years of high school and they were looking to create a place at home where they could spend lots of time together before the college years. Two of their favorite things to do together are gaming and watching movies.

During the remodel Wave went in to pre-wire the space for the future installation. When the space was ready, we mounted a 60 inch LED TV, five speakers, and in-floor subwoofers so we could provide a true 5.1 Channel Surround Sound experience. We integrated an A/V Receiver, an X-Box One, a Wi U console, Roku and a satellite cable DVR and set them up for control using one Universal Radio Frequency Remote. All of these components were hidden in a closet, so no wires or electronics were visible.

After a quick training session the entire family was able to operate the system, and the kids were enjoying a heated game of Titan Fall before we even left the site. We hope the family will enjoy these next several years together in their new Family Room turned Home Theater!